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Research Assistant, UoB

Peter Bennett is a researcher in human-computer interaction at the Bristol Interaction & Graphics Lab. His research is driven by the aim of joining the virtual world of digital bits with the real world of objects, and in doing so allowing people to physically interact with computers.

Peter's projects have included: ChronoTape, an augmented-reality paper timeline for annotating family history research; ChronoTable, a 'research-seismograph' for archeologists; BeatBearing, a drum machine with ball bearings for beats; and SensaBubble, a scented soap-bubble display. Other ongoing projects, collaborations and interests include the development of magical technology, magnetic pixels, slow technnology, teleporters, robotic origami, lo-fi haptic displays and 'Resonant User Interfaces'.

Objects containing Stories

Objects containing Stories

We are interested in the stories people tell about objects. The technologies we are developing via two of our projects allow people to listen to and record their own stories. TaleTap lets you listen to stories contained in objects and record your own. ButtonTuner uses the TaleTap to tune into music contained in our interactive cushion with a different song contained in each button.

Objects of Exchange

Objects of Exchange

We are currently working with the residents to explore different ways that we can co-produce designs and objects together, using creative processes and communal making sessions. The idea is to generate meaningful new objects, where personal artefacts from the past may have been lost, and at the same time, to generate new memories, through the shared creative process. The new objects could become tokens for exchange and sharing within the care home environment.

Daphne painting