Helen Manchester

Principal Investigator, UoB

Helen Manchester has a strong track record and reputation as an educational researcher and lecturer in the field of digital and material cultures, futures and learning across the lifecourse. She is also known for her work in arts based learning concerning youth voice, creativity and school ethos.

Helen has conducted a number of innovative qualitative studies employing ethnographic and multi-modal research methods. She is particularly interested in continuing to develop and manage participatory research projects with young people, older people, and community and cultural organisations. She has worked with many community and cultural organisations conducting participatory research and capacity building work. She also has experience of working with interdisciplinary teams including technologists, artists and educators. Helen is currently developing her existing work in the broad area of learning lives, particularly as it intersects with the role of digital and material cultures, future technologies, our digital footprint and data visualisation in cultural and everyday spaces. She currently has two AHRC grants to pursue her research interests further.

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Hannah Rumble

Dr Hannah Rumble is a Research Associate who has recently joined the Parlours of Wonder project. She is a British social anthropologist specialising in ageing, death and dying, funerals and death education/death literacy. She is also passionate about undertaking participatory research projects that have tangible and transformative impact within communities beyond the university and has extensive experience of co-designing and co-delivering projects with young people, charities and funeral professionals in the Bristol and Bath region.
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Lucy Heywood

Stand + Stare

Lucy is an artist, writer and co-artistic director of Stand + Stare, an interactive design company that she runs with Barney Heywood, her brother. They are working together as part of the project team. Lucy’s background is in playwriting and theatre production. More info about Stand + Stare here:


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Barney Heywood

Stand + Stare

Barney is an artist and designer with a background in graphics, film, installation and performance. He is the co-artistic director of Stand + Stare, an interactive design company that he runs with Lucy Heywood, his sister. They are working together as part of the project team. More info about Stand + Stare here:

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Kirsten Cater

Co-Investigator, UoB

Dr Kirsten Cater is a Senior Lecturer specialising in Human Computer Interaction and Pervasive Computing. Her main interests focus on designing elegant solutions for enhancing people's experiences and interactions with their physical environment and each other in urban and public spaces through the use of mobile and sensor technologies. The areas that her research currently touches include: location based experiences; gamification; data collection through crowdsourcing; novel interactions with big data; and children's access and usage of the internet through mobile phones. Her emerging research profile complements and strengthens the activities of the Bristol Interaction and Graphics (BIG) research group. Her research and public engagement work in primary and secondary schools, as well as community centres, have been very popular with the media getting press coverage in both local and national newspapers, as well as a BBC TV news-item and a documentary for South Korea.

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Seana Kozar

Research Assistant, UoB

As a scholar, storyteller and animator, Seana is most interested in the interplay between story, image, object and culture and how stories and the things to and through which we attach our most resonant narratives change and transform to reflect the dynamic creation and negotiation of personal truth and meaning over the lifecourse.

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Tim Lloyd-Yeates

Director of Alive!

Tim lloyd-Yeates (23 September 1967– 12 July 2015) helped us set up the project and was a passionate and amazing partner until July 2015. Tim was the founder and director of Alive! a registered charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of older people living in residential care. Alive! works with nearly 300 care settings throughout the South of England using all the Arts to reconnect vulnerable older people with their passions and interests. Tim is also the acknowledged innovator of using iPads with people living with dementia founding the www.memoryappsfordementia.org partnership in 2010. Tim believed passionately and spoke widely on the benefits of new technology for older people. He spoke at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival, The UK Dementia Congress, The Age Cymru My Home Life Conference, The Care Show, The UK Care Homes Congress, The Journal of Dementia Care Conference, Public Health & Primary Care 2014 and The House of Commons. Tim is much missed but will always be with us in spirit.

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Tim Cole

Co-Investigator, UoB

Tim is interested in historical landscapes, with a particular focus on Holocaust landscape. His research on the Holocaust includes examining the implementation of the Holocaust in Hungary, particularly the spatiality of ghettoization and social histories of the Holocaust. He is also interested in contemporary representations of the Holocaust, especially within memorial and museum space.

He has published books on the spatiality of ghettorization in Budapest (Holocaust City, 2003), social histories of the Hungarian Holocaust (Traces of the Holocaust, 2011) and Holocaust representation (Images of the Holocaust/Selling the Holocaust, 1999) as well as writing essays and articles on related themes. He is currently working on a new book - Holocaust Landscapes - that examines the Holocaust through the sites where it was enacted, experienced and has been remembered (and forgotten).

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Peter Bennett

Research Assistant, UoB

Peter Bennett is a researcher in human-computer interaction at the Bristol Interaction & Graphics Lab. His research is driven by the aim of joining the virtual world of digital bits with the real world of objects, and in doing so allowing people to physically interact with computers.

Peter's projects have included: ChronoTape, an augmented-reality paper timeline for annotating family history research; ChronoTable, a 'research-seismograph' for archeologists; BeatBearing, a drum machine with ball bearings for beats; and SensaBubble, a scented soap-bubble display. Other ongoing projects, collaborations and interests include the development of magical technology, magnetic pixels, slow technnology, teleporters, robotic origami, lo-fi haptic displays and 'Resonant User Interfaces'.


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Charles Gunter

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Heidi Hinder

Artist & Maker

Heidi Hinder is an artist-maker and researcher. Trained in Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products, Heidi’s practice now broadly incorporates wearable technology and interaction design, in addition to more traditional art objects. She explores the opportunities afforded by digital innovation in her work, while maintaining integrity to her craft-based training and an adherence to the value of materials and making. Heidi is currently a Visiting Lecturer at Birmingham City University (3D Design) and is leading a collaborative research project with the V&A Museum.

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